At The Discovery Preschool, it is our goal to provide all children opportunities to reach their own social, emotional and academic potential within an environment that fosters cooperation, independence and a love of learning.

At The Discovery Preschool, children are encouraged to explore, take risks, create and experiment.

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We believe all children thrive when

  • They are engaged in meaningful, hands-on activities
  • They have choices
  • They are able to grow and learn at their own pace
  • They are supported and encouraged by a knowledgeable and engaged teacher
  • They are able to experiment, explore and ask questions
  • They play

   We will provide

  • An educational program that meets your child where he/she is
  • Opportunities for large group, independent and small group work
  • A classroom rich in literature and activities that support early literacy
  • Field trips that enrich and support our classroom learning
  • Daily workshop activities in math, writing, reading and art
  • Musical experiences and lessons
  • Opportunities for families to participate in their child's program
  • Daily large motor activities in our gym
  • Explorations in Science, Art and Social Studies
  • Time for play
  • Opportunities for children to share their interests and help contribute to our emergent curriculum
  • A complete curriculum that prepares children for life-long learning