- Contact Info -

Our Location:
The Snoqualmie Valley Alliance Church Campus
36017 SE Fish Hatchery Road Fall City, Wa 98024

US Mail:
The Discovery Preschool
P O Box 1341
Fall City, WA 98024

tel: 425-681-4049

e-mail: mandi@thediscoverypreschool.com

- Parent Comment -

"What I love about The Discovery Preschool is that our daughter is finding out how much fun learning & school can be! This is an important lesson that she will take with her the rest of her life!

She wakes up and she can't wait to get to school. She is only three years old and has amazed all of us by telling us the planets in the solar system, the continents of the world and the days of the week in Spanish.

Yes, we are thrilled she is learning so much, but what is even more important is that she is discovering that learning is fun. We couldn't be happier with our experience at The Discovery Preschool."

~Shirley S.